a tiny collet


Today’s banner: a tiny ER 8 collet. For the purpose of improving rigidity for milling operations with a lathe,¬†we tried securing an endmill in a four-jaw lathe chuck:

We wanted to secure the endmill base using an ER 8 collet, but alas, the 3/8″ shank wouldn’t fit in any of our collets. ER 8 collets are absurdly small. But then, so is the Taig lathe. We like tiny things.

In principle we could make a new collet to hold the end of the endmill. Obviously we had to put principle to practice. We often do this, if for no other reason than to see what happens. But making collets is hard. Tiny collets require a tiny slitting saw. We persevered:

Here’s the endmill’s base in the new collet:

And here’s the chucked endmill, capped with the new collet (photographed from the rear of the chuck):

We had fun. To give a sense of size, or lack thereof, here’s the collet next to a thumb and a penny:

Cheers — stochastic

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