Hackamajig Etsy store

Dear everybody,

We’re back now, and we’ve reopened our Etsy storefront featuring hand-made nerdcraft…

Eardrives! (Yes, really. Store up to 32 gigabytes per ear using standard microSD cards.)

eardrive earrings (add your own flash cards)

High-Precision Earrings! (Again, yes, really. There was an incident involving an antique stereo microscope, and… never mind. Anyway, they’re shiny!)

Precision earrings made from tiny, precise straightedges with 0.01-inch and 0.02-centimeter graduations

Please stop by our shop for a visit.

Cheers — Stochastic.

Hackamajig is moving to New Orleans in 2013

Hi all,

Hackamajig is owned by Kaben Nanlohy (kaben dot nanlohy at gmail dot com). Hackamajig has been temporarily shut down while we move the business from Lansing, Michigan to New Orleans, Louisiana. We will reopen when the move is complete. Thanks for visiting!

— stochastic