great big ball of tiny magnets


Today’s banner isn’t a stock image. It’s a photo of a thousand tiny magnet spheres that we assembled into a great big surprisingly-well-ordered ball. It was rather heavy.

Of course, we had no choice but to squish it.

Best wishes — stochastic

… added September 29, 2011:

Reader Rose observed:

I have a set of these. Somewhat paranoid about keeping them anywhere near my electronic equipment. Thus, they fail as desk toy.

Yep. The other day one of our laptops began making a sickly thwacking sound — the last resort of a dying hard drive, as it repeatedly homed its read/write heads in an effort to find some data, any data at all, but the data was all gone… it was very sad. There were magnets involved.

But they look great on the refrigerator:

The print on the door, by the way, is Ursula Vernon’s quickie drawing “Morning Dragon”.

Best — stochastic